Stowaway Cat Hitches Ride From Utah To Florida

A famous proverb suggests that “curiosity killed the cat.” Likewise, one inquisitive feline found overt nosiness also lead to an unexpected cross-country adventure!

A Utah cat named Sebastian recently climbed onto a semi-truck parked in Salt Lake City, Utah. It must have looked like a warm, shiny spot for a nap.

Unfortunately for Sebastian, the driver wasn’t aware there was a feline stowaway on board. Nor did he have plans to linger in Utah state. In fact, the truck would keep driving until it reached Marianna, Florida, putting more than 2,000 miles between this four-legged hitchhiker and his (presumably) worried family.

Now Partners for Pets, a Florida-based animal rescue group, has been charged with the difficult task of tracking down Sebastian’s original family, which would have been a cinch if the animal was microchipped. (Spoiler alert: he isn’t).

Regardless, staff are determined to find Sebastian’s owners by spreading this curious cat’s mug shot far and wide.

“Sebastian is a gorgeous boy who ended up a long way from home,” Partners for Pets wrote in a Facebook post. “He is a very sweet, friendly guy! Wish there was a way to find his owners in Utah!”

This curious cat’s photo has already garnered plenty of adoptive offers, but Partners for Pets is holding out for the feline’s original family.

“This cat is not up for adoption,” the Florida group clarified in a statement. “We will try our best to find his rightful owners first.”

You can help find Sebastian’s Utah family by sharing this story on Facebook. And please, people, microchip your animals, especially if you’re parenting an inquisitive outdoor cat!

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