Stranded Dog Rescued From Rising Flood in Mexico

A stranded dog was rescued by a Navy crew in Tabasco, Mexico during hurricane Eta’s onslaught on November 13, 2020, as it left the town submerged in deep floods.

In an uploaded video clip that quickly went viral on social media, Mexican rescuers can be seen riding a boat, going around the flooded town of Villahermosa to look for people or animals that might need help. The drenched Golden Retriever was desperately holding on for dear life when rescuers found him, with only half of his body visible from the surface and his front legs grasping the metal bars of a window box to keep himself from sinking into the murky floodwaters. It’s a good thing that box was there—if it weren’t, the whole thing would have further turned into an extremely heartbreaking situation. His eyes immediately lit up when he saw the officers coming to his aid.

The poor dog was shivering from the cold and was under a lot of stress, so the rescuer first gave him gentle pats on the head to help him relax, then carefully pulled him over to their boat. He was such a trooper—and big props to the Mexican Navy rescuers for knowing how to properly approach the troubled dog!

As soon as he’s safe and sound on the boat, the dog shook off floodwater that clung onto his skin, and happily wagged his tail as if showing his immense gratitude and appreciation for the hero crew who saved his life. The dog’s bravery throughout his whole ordeal is truly admirable, and this dog’s rescue story from the Mexico floods is definitely one worth remembering.

So the next time we’re experiencing inclement weather, let’s think of the stranded dogs in the streets and if our homes allow, let’s provide them with temporary shelter to wait out the storm. We never know how much difference that can make to a fur friend in need!

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