Stray chases away 2 men attacking this woman — but she’s in for a BIG surprise

Georgia Bradley, 25, couldn’t have predicted what was about to happen to her on vacation in Greece. One incident was about to change her life forever.

Georgia Bradley was enjoying herself while on vacation in Crete when she was attacked by two men.

But all of a sudden a stray dog came out of nowhere and chased the attackers away.

When Bradley got home, she couldn’t stop thinking about the stray that saved her life. So she made the trip back to Crete to adopt Pepper! 🙂

And it turns out that Pepper had a nice surprise for her new owner: puppies!

After thousands of dollars, several trips and a litter of puppies, they were ready to spend their new lives together. 🙂

It’s just amazing how things work out sometimes!

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