Stray Dog Crashed A Church Service For Sick Kids And Makes Everyone Smile

Our dogs make us smile everyday. They make us smile from the moment we wake up until we close our eyes to sleep. But it’s not just our dogs who make us smile. Any dog can make any dog lover smile, don’t you agree?

So when a dog suddenly entered a church in Bolivia and crashed a service, he ended up making everyone smile. The service was a special one since it was held for a group of kids with cancer.


The dog had no collar, so he was most likely a stray dog.


The dog just let himself in and then laid down on the church’s center aisle.


And when the dog started to show some funny antics, the parishioners couldn’t help but laugh and smile!



This funny stray dog was happy, and he made everyone around him happy as well. He brought smiles and laughter to the parishioners.


There are no details as to what happened to the dog after the service. But we sure hope that one of the parishioners have taken this sweet dog home.

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