Stray Dog Found At The Border Needed A Lot More Than Food In His Life

Hope For Paws received a call about a homeless dog who was abandoned on the U.S./Mexico border. The dog was sick and needed immediate care. After a very long drive, Eldad arrived at the rescue location.

A local man said the dog liked his dogs, and he’d been able to feed the stray here and there. But this pup needed a lot more than just food. The dog was hesitant and wasn’t sure what was going on, so Eldad sat with him a bit and named him Pax.

After being secured with the Lucky Leash, Pax was placed in the Hope For Paws rescue vehicle. Exhausted, the poor boy slept the entire way back to Los Angeles. At the hospital, the good boy was cooperative and knew rescuers were there to help him.

His eye, ear, and skin infections needed treated, and he took a much-needed medical bath. Afterward, he went on to The Forgotten Dog Foundation who ended up finding Pax the perfect forever home! Look at him in his new life now. 🙂

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