Stray Dog Had Given Up On Human Love Until She Met A Little Girl That Renewed Her Faith

The life of a stray dog is often filled with fear, pain, hunger, and suffering. Sometimes, even the most loving and good-natured of pups can lose hope when put in these terrible conditions. Izzy was one such dog when she was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia and sent to the Animal Alliance of New Jersey. She was severely malnourished, riddled with infections and infestations, her fur was matted, and she was so injured she could barely walk.

Medical care helped her wounds heal and her health improve as she regained strength, but she was still depressed and did not trust humans. It was as though she had given up on human love and kindness completely. But that all changed when Izzy’s future adoptive family, which included 5-year-old Chloe, were introduced to her. Izzy was so happy and excited to meet Chloe and her tail wouldn’t stop wagging! When it came time to take her home with them, Chloe was protective of this little pup and kept her safe and secure.

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