Stray Dog Helps Rescue 46 Others Animals


A stray dog that was the subject of a rescue effort by Oldies but Goodies Cocker Rescue (OBG) managed to help save 46 other strays.  Through the efforts of Oldies but Goodies and the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies (VFHS), these 46 dogs are getting the care they desperately needed.

The rescue is being called the Freedom 46 by OBG.  The dogs were found on Saturday, locked in a hot barn that was brimming with animal waste, and no bowls were provided for food and water.

OBG got a hold of the VFHS for an assist.  All of the 46 dogs residing in that disgusting barn were removed as quickly as possible.  Rescuers were utterly horrified by the state of things.

The search is on to find out whatever information on the dogs and the property, so justice can be served.  Medical records and names for most of the dogs rescued are still unknown.  This tends to make diagnosis and treatment options a dodgy situation, but vets are doing their best with what they have to work with.

It wasn’t just spaniels on the property.  There are various medium to small dogs that were taken away.  If you wish to find out more  about OBG Cocker Spaniels or are seeking to adopt any of the available dogs, you can contact OBG President, Teresa Butler by email at

You can also visit their Facebook page by clicking here, or their homepage by clicking here.  For more info from VFHS, you can click here.


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