Stray Dog Is Too Broken To Even Look Rescuers In The Eyes

A neglected puppy was found in Tijuana. He was basically just a big pile of skin and bones and needed immediate help. Thankfully, a passerby named Walter saw the dog and tried to get the word out via Facebook. DogTag: You’re It!, an independent rescue, got word of this puppy and rushed to the scene.

They found this dog in a parking lot, dragging himself around and barely able to stand.

He was emaciated and infested with fleas and ticks.

They discovered that he had no joints in his back legs and arthritis in his front leg. And if that wasn’t enough, a bilateral hip deformity and multiple vertebral deformities.

DogTag rushed him to an animal hospital where they started treatment immediately.

They named him Beaumont, French for “beautiful mountain” because he is “as invincible as any mountain.”

Beaumont’s strong spirit is always shining through!

Nothing could possibly keep Beaumont down.

And this recovery and transformation is proof of that.

The medical and rescue teams did amazing jobs.

But Beaumont’s journey continues. He is recovering at the Gateway Animal Hospital where they are planning future surgeries and possibly a wheelchair.

Best of luck to Beaumont in the future. We know it’ll work out for him! 🙂

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