Stray Dog Joins Extreme Marathoner Across the Desert, Won’t Leave His Side

Dion Leonard was surprised to find a stray dog at his heels in the middle of a grueling 250 kilometer race known as The Gobi March. He was even more surprised when she kept up with a full day’s 25 kilometer run. The little dog not only made it, but kept following, and on the pair’s second day together, she snuggled up to sleep with her new friend.

The race organizer intervened on the hottest days and transported her to the next checkpoint so she could cheer on her new best friend at the finish line.

When it was time to pack up and return home, Dion didn’t want to leave her behind. A crowdfund was set up to help pay for the newly christened ‘Gobi’ to get through quarantine and fly to Dion in Scotland. The funding was quickly exceeded and Gobi will soon make her way to where she so desperately wants to be— by Dion Leonard’s side.

Dion and Gobi’s story has warmed hearts across the globe. Dion has set up a Facebook page to follow his dog’s progress home.

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