Stray Dog Kept Visiting Hyundai Dealership, So They Hired Him And Gave Him His Own ID Badge

They say 80% of success is about showing up and no one knows that more than this ‘pawfessional’ pooch. Originally, just a lonely stray who scoured the streets of Brazil, Tucson seems not only to have found his forever home but his dream job.

Doing what you may ask? Well selling cars… duh?!

It all started early this year when staff at a local Hyundai showroom started noticing they had a new regular hanging around, one of the four-legged kind.

Docile and sweet in nature, Tucson’s daily visits were more than welcomed but by all accounts was expected to be short-lived.

However, it became clear as the days turned into weeks and weeks into months that this dog had other things in mind.

Slowly but surely, he charmed his way into the hearts of customers and staff alike, even earning himself some extra treats for his 5-star customer service from returning customers.

Although it wasn’t until one rainy evening in May, that showroom manager Emerson Mariano invited poor Tucson in for some food water, and shelter.

It was then, where he suggested to the board that they make Tucson an official part of the dealership family as their very own doggo mascot!

With the dealership already being pet-friendly and with Tucson already being such a hit with the customers it was a virtual no-brainer.

He was hired, and as you can see he’s been working his tail off!

So what does the future hold for our new rising star in sales?

Well, according to the grapevine we may be seeing him very soon on our television screens as he’s expected to star in the next national campaign for Hyundai!

But, if like us you can’t wait till then you can find him kitted out in his ID badge and in some very spiffing doggy ties on his very own Instagram account!

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