When A Stray Dog Lands In A Shelter… This Is How He Feels – Utter Hopelessness

The sad dog you see in this picture was picked up as a stray in California on August 27th and taken to the Carson Animal Services facility. He has no name; he may also have no hope his identification number is ID#A4987245. One look at his face and you can tell the 4-year-old dog knows his situation is practically hopeless.

In the shelter, he is surrounded by the barks and cries of other dogs who are also scared and confused. All of the smells and sights in the animal control agency kennel are unfamiliar. So many voices and faces. There isn’t anything in his kennel to help reassure him or to provide him with the slightest bit of comfort.

Take a look at this poor darling


If help doesn’t come for him, he most certainly will not be okay. If you can help, contact the Carson Animal Services at (310) 523-9566. He should be wagging his tail, not hanging his head. Share away, people so he can find his forever loving home soon.

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