Stray Dog Loses His Twin Brother During Rescue But Finally Gets Reunited

If you have a dog in your life, you don’t need anyone to tell you that they can form an attachment with you or other dogs in the family. The pack mentality makes them such an enjoyable part of the family.

At times, dogs can form bonds with each other when they are strays, and those bonds can be difficult to break. That was the case with two strays, Everest and Fuji, who wandered the streets with each other.

According to Hope For Paws, nobody gave much thought to Everest and Fuji because they were docile and never caused any problems. Many people would put out scraps of food to care for them, but then they noticed something unusual.

Suddenly, Fuji was missing from the picture, and Everest was wandering the streets alone. Nobody knew what happened to Fuji, but they knew that Everest was no longer acting like himself.

One family that took care of the dogs when they were together called an animal rescue agency, Hope for Paws. They came out to get Everest and took him into care for him.

Everest was healthy, but he was also very depressed. They found somebody to adopt Everest. Even in his new home, he had difficulties staying cheerful. That is when an unusual call came in.

Another Newfoundland that had matched the same description was found on the streets, but a family took him in. They didn’t know if it was Everest or Fuji, but they had to find out.

Hope for Paws went out to see the other dog and they recognized that it looked a lot like Everest. There were some differences, but they were very similar, and they knew they had found Fuji.

Two sisters that lived with each other had taken Fujian and given him a home. They took care of his difficulties, including being infested with fleas and ticks. Fuji had also made friends with a golden retriever that they named Tai.

The sisters were not very receptive to having both of the large dogs in their possession. One dog is a lot of responsibility, but they were agreeable to having the two dogs get together.

When Everest was brought out to the home, he ran over to greet Fuji, and they hugged. It was obvious that they were happy to be back together again. These days, they have a single, loving family.

You can learn more in the videos below:

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