Stray Dog Paralyzed and Left in the Snow Now Safe and Recovering

She was injured and unable to move…

A tragic situation was recently unfolded in Alberta, Canada, where a stray dog was left helpless and paralyzed after being hit by a car. The unfortunate animal, now known as Nutmeg, suffered a broken pelvis and was left to endure the freezing conditions for over 12 hours without any help in sight.

Luckily, this desperate scene did not go unnoticed. A group of teenagers spotted the incapacitated dog and quickly notified the AB Task Force, who in turn reached out to the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) for assistance.

AARCS posted online, noting that Nutmeg’s body was covered with snow, a result of her severe energy depletion. Today, Nutmeg is in safe hands and her condition is significantly improved.

For a period of approximately a month and a half, Nutmeg was put on crate rest to facilitate the healing process for her broken pelvis. She is making a remarkable recovery and, once fully healed, she will be made available for adoption.

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