Stray Dog Receives Unexpected Gift

We believe that all stray dogs dream of finding loving owners and loving homes, but sadly most of them don’t even get a second look by the thousands of people who walk by them every day. In Lima, Peru, a stray dog received an unexpected gift – a bath – from two men who wanted to do something nice for the dog.


A building security guard spotted the stray dog. The pet was completely filthy and looking for a cool spot to take a break from the current heat wave felt in the city. The kind man couldn’t take the dog home, nor could he allow him inside his work place, but wanting to do something nice for the pet, he decided to give him a refreshing bath.

With the help of a passerby, the dog received the best bath ever. The four-legged friend seemed happy to have two people show him kindness. The dog cooled down and learned what it felt to be cleaned and loved for the very first time.

“That was a beautiful gesture these two men did,” said Luis Garay Barbarán who posted the images online for his community to see.

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