This Stray Dog From Russia Brought Me To Tears, And I Never Cry!

This is a story of a stray dog that lived near a gas station and people used to call him by the name, White. The video shows how cute and adorable the dog is and how it wants love from the humans. The location of this dog is somewhere in the outskirts of Russia and it is not known how he became a stray dog. The people who visit the gas station, as well as the people working in the station, along with the owner, are in love with the little fellow and they provide food and water for him so that he can survive.

Here, in this video, you will see how White shows some tricks that only a trained dog can perform. It is not known from where he has learned the tricks but he performs them to perfection. He shakes hands with the person and stands straight on his two feet to take a piece of biscuit from the hand. The video was recorded by a person who was unknown to the dog and he was really surprised to see the friendly nature of the dog. The dog loves pampering and love from all who are close to him and people do provide him what he wants.

[youtube id=”6ynMKHzz8bA”]

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