Stray Dog Saves Police Officers From Gang Attack

In La Paz, El Salvador, a stray dog named Oso who lives around the Santa Maria Ostuma police station, saved all on-duty officers from a gang attack, when the dog fought off gang members forcing them to flee.


The group of criminals planned to attack the station using a grenade, but when Oso saw the gang members approaching he attacked the criminals and defended his home and friends.

Oso is considered a community dog and he has no K-9 police training. The loyal and wanna-be K-9 officer accompanies officers on many police calls and when he is “off-duty,” he takes his post outside the station until the next emergency call. He is very loved by all officers and at the station he is fed, bathed and looked after. He is even up to date with his shots.


The criminals were able to launch the grenade, but because of Oso’s actions, the gang members missed their target. However, the grenade did critically injured Oso. When officers realized they were under attack and spotted their injured mascot/fellow four-legged officer, they rushed the pet to their veterinarian.

Their quick action saved Oso’s life, but the true hero here is the stray who protected the police station and saved many of the officers’ lives.

Police representatives said Oso is not an ideal candidate for their K-9 unit because he is already nine years old and training will prove difficult, but we hope that once he is 100% healthy he gets officially adopted by one of his coworkers and his days as a community/stray dog are put to an end.

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