Stray Dog Seeks Shelter from Hurricane Irma, Finds Forever Home Instead

As Hurricane Irma loomed over Florida, many residents chose to evacuate or hunker down, stocking up on essentials and preparing for the worst. Amidst this chaos, countless animals were left to face the hurricane, some abandoned by fleeing owners, others long-time strays.

Among them was a small dog, desperately searching for shelter in Central Florida. While wandering the storm-threatened streets, she happened upon a family busily prepping for the hurricane.

Seeing the vulnerable little dog, the woman of the house coaxed her over. The dog, wisely looking both ways before crossing the street, didn’t hesitate to approach the woman.

The family offered her food and water, which the famished dog eagerly consumed. Judging by her dirty, matted coat, the numerous scratches and cuts on her skin, bleeding paws, and traces of tar on her hindquarters, it was clear that she’d been surviving on the streets for quite some time.

Welcoming the lost dog into her home, the woman soon discovered the dog’s affectionate nature. After a much-needed bath and some grooming, the dog warmed up to her rescuers, revealing a playful side as she ran around their backyard, even attempting to bring sticks she’d found into the house.

The next day, a vet visit confirmed the dog was a husky/wolf mix, less than a year old, and had no identification chip. The woman took to social media, hoping to find the dog’s owner. However, the dog’s backstory proved to be a tale of abandonment and neglect.

The dog’s original owners had given her away when they lost their apartment, and the subsequent owners had also given her up. Her most recent owner had cruelly abandoned her by the side of the road in a different city.

Having spent four weeks alone on the streets, foraging for food and yearning for a loving home, the dog had found herself precisely where she was destined to be.

Choosing to adopt the dog, the woman named her Amaterasu, or ‘Amy’ for short, providing the forever home that Amy had been longing for.

Amy was saved just in time, spared the experience of enduring Hurricane Irma alone on the streets. Instead, she rode out the storm in the comfort of her new, loving home.

Now clean, healthy, and visibly happier, Amy is thoroughly enjoying her new life. Her affectionate and cuddly nature has endeared her to her new mom, marking a heartwarming end to her stormy past.

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