Stray Dog Seen On The Streets Carrying A Piece Of Bread Trying To Find A Safe Place To Eat

A stray dog had been living on the streets in Turkey for weeks when a dog lover named Ayberk Ayar saw the Golden Retriever with a piece of bread in her mouth. He took a photo of the dog and asked the locals if they knew anything about her, and they said someone had recently dumped her.

That’s when Tracy Behnke, intake director of Rescuers Without Borders, saw the dog’s photo on Instagram, and she acted quickly. The organization asked volunteers pull the Golden Retriever from the streets before anything could happen, but the dog had already disappeared.

Volunteers were told that a man was driving around with a Golden Retriever in his vehicle trying to sell her off. It was feared he was trying to sell her for breeding purposes, so they searched all over for the dog. They finally located the sweet girl in a dark shed with no food or water.

The moment a volunteer pulled Harper from the shed was captured on video by Ayberk Ayar:

Harper was now safe and sound and in the right hands. She relaxed and snuggled up in the rescuer’s car.

It’s as if Harper knew she was being rescued as she gave kisses to thank them. She somehow knew she’d never have to live on the streets again.

Rescuers Without Borders placed Harper in foster care in Turkey until they could figure out how to transport her to the United States. Once she got her medical checks and papers, she was put on a flight to San Francisco!

Tracy Behnke and her husband decided to fly in from Oregon to meet Harper at the airport. She was still a bit timid from living on the streets so they had to hand feed her to get her to eat. She was a little unsure of everything still, but they fell in love with her on the spot.

Harper was placed in a foster home in Washington state where she could get used to living the life of a dog. She’s already loving all of the grass! 🙂

As Harper adjusts to her new life, she’s really been coming out of her shell. Her true personality is shining through.

Harper will spend several weeks with her foster family before being put up for adoption. Then the Rescuers Without Borders team will do everything they can to help her find the perfect forever home and family. 🙂

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