Stray Dog Shows Up At Elephant Sanctuary And Is Adopted…By An Elephant!

At the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, Tarra the elephant gets to spend her days roaming free about the sanctuary enjoying each and every day. Out of nowhere one day, a stray dog showed up that was in need of a home. Wanting to give her a better life, the people at the sanctuary decided to take her in. Much to the surprise of everyone Tarra immediately took to this dog who warmed right up to her completely unafraid. The dog, who they decided to name Bella, was sweet and loving, and had no problems mingling with the animals–particularly Tarra. The two became best friends, traveling throughout the sanctuary together side by side for many years. See for yourself below their touching friendship:

This footage was taken years ago, and since then sadly Bella has passed away. Elephants are known for having a good memory, so we are sure that Tarra looks back fondly on her many years with what some might call a very unlikely best friend. Have you ever seen a friendship like that before?

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