Stray Dog Urinated In Fear When Rescuers Touched Her, But Then She Realized They Were There To Help

Hope for Paws, an animal rescue organization, received a call about an abandoned Chihuahua who had been roaming the streets for weeks and needed help.

The poor little dog was weaving in and out of traffic, so rescuers knew they had to approach slowly but act quickly so the dog wouldn’t get hurt. When the dog saw rescuers coming closer, she ran into someone’s yard.

They cornered the dog and were able to get ahold of her using a snare. The dog was so afraid that she urinated and defecated. She barked at them out of fear, but they were able to put a leash on her.

Despite her barks, she was never aggressive and let her rescuers pet her. They picked her up and brought her into their car. They named this homeless pup Blossom.

Sadly, she was very malnourished, and so skinny that you could see her ribs. They brought her back to their clinic and gave her a much-needed medicated bath. They also fed her and made a comfortable bed. Blossom was confused and still a little scared, but she knew her rescuers were there to help her.

Despite everything she had been through, she was still a very friendly and sweet little girl. Just a couple of weeks later, L.A. Animal Rescue found Blossom a loving forever home! Blossom is now doing great in her new home, and her name is fitting because she is truly Blossoming in her second chance at life!

Although the details of her past are unknown, what we do know is that she is now safe and will always be given the love and care that she deserves!

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