Stray Dog Was Starving, Cat Was Covered In Paint–Together, They Formed An Amazing Friendship


This is one of the cutest friendship stories ever. You see, Travis the dog was adopted by a kind man when he found the poor dog wandering by the side of the road.

Adorably, Travis forms an unlikely friendship with an abandoned cat that his now-owner also took took in. The poor feline was found in an unused building starving and covered in paint.

Both of these wouldn’t have made it on their own if it were not for the kind man who stepped in and took them in. And thanks to that very same man, the stray dog and paint-coated cat found each other!

The two ill-fated animals have now come to learn how to eat, sleep play and live together! It’s wonder how the two gets a second chance at life, thanks to their kind owner.

Go to the next page to watch the story of Travis and his feline buddy. It’s so amazing.

Isn’t it amazing to see people like the now-owner of these two beautiful animals? They are definitely soulmates brought together by a beautiful act of kindness.

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