Stray Dog Whose Skin Felt Like Stone Was Rescued Off The Streets

This stray dog, now named Mabel, was found wandering the street alone in horrible condition. She had lost all of her hair, and her skin was in such bad shape that it felt like stone.

Thankfully, India’s Animal Aid Unlimited took her in and started treating her right away. They gave her medicated baths to help her skin heal, and they kept her hydrated and gave her lots of rest.

Mabel was very shy at first, but as the days went by, she started to break out of her shell. Once she left her kennel, she became much more outgoing.

The transformation she has made is absolutely incredible; she doesn’t even look like the same dog! After two months of TLC, her skin has healed and all of her fur has grown back in.

Mabel is a very happy dog and is enjoying her new life. She has gotten a second chance and she’s living it to the fullest. She loves running around and playing with her new doggy friends. Her tail is always wagging and she loves giving kisses to her rescuers.

She’s so grateful to finally feel loved and be well-taken care of. She would have eventually died on those streets alone, fending for herself; but now she never has to worry about being alone ever again. Sadly, stray animals in India are very common, but thankfully Mabel is one of the lucky ones. Animal Aid works hard to rescue as many dogs off the streets as they can. A BIG thank you to the for helping this sweet pup!

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