Stray Dogs Attend Funeral For Kind Woman Who Fed Them

It can be hard living as a stray dog and in some areas, humans are cruel to them and view them as pests. Everyone can use a helping hand sometimes, though, and that’s something that the late Margarita Suárez understood beautifully.

She lived in Merida, Mexico until her passing in 2015. During her life, she was known for her love of animals.

Margarita would often feed the stray dogs in her neighborhood and the animals grew to love her.

Patricia Urrutia, Margarita’s daughter, shared on Facebook that her mother was “a lover of the animals, she could not run into any of them without giving them a little food.”

When she sadly passed away in 2015, Patricia shared something beautiful that happened at the vigil. She wrote:

“It is very painful to tell you that my mother passed away, thanks to everyone who prayed for her health… I will share images of the saddest day of my life and I do it only because something wonderful happened that I want to share.”

She went on to explain how “out of nowhere a pack of dogs came, they entered the vigil room and settled down…All night, they stayed as if on guard.” She added that the dogs left and came back the following morning, as if to say one final goodbye.

“I swear by God it was something beautiful, wonderful…Rest in peace beautiful mother, I will love you all eternity,” Patricia said.

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