Stray Dogs Eating Trash Just To Exist

The number of unwanted dogs in Donna, Texas is astounding. The dogs search through trash to find something to eat. They are at risk for disease, being pursued by predators or roaming onto the roadways and being hit by cars. The number of dead dogs in the area is beyond disturbing as the live ones desperately try to survive.

Less than a week ago, rescuers arrived at the area searching for one particular stray that had been eluding capture for days. And as they searched, volunteers came across another dog scavenging through the trash looking for a meal; another heartbreaking sight. As the photos of the emaciated dogs hit social media, Looking Glass Animal Rescue offered to help – as long as the dogs could be sponsored to help with the costs of their medical care.

“I think I should take time to post “Save of the Day” everyday. I probably won’t have time but it’s a nice thought. Today’s rescue efforts started at 6:17 am. And it’s still ongoing. Volunteer transporter has 8 lives on board. To new beginnings. They are terrified. They are unsure. They believe their lives are over because no one has ever shown them compassion. This is one of them.”

And people donated. Now four dogs would have a new chance at life and be rescued from the awful neighborhood. A rescuer tells his story:

“This boy was the only stray roaming mid morning, just when transport was arriving. He was grabbed. He was “thrown” into a car, placed into a cage, rushed away from his “home,” animal advocated Leslie Hennings wrote on her Facebook page, but there is more.

“He will be scared tonight. He will arrive in a kennel, be introduced to a bed, be introduced to consistent food and clean water and wait his turn to be transported up north.

And one day soon he will find his family and live in a home, in a second, today, his entire life changed. And he’s too terrified to know it’s for the better.”

Check out his short video. This is how this dog existed:

The rescue is calling the mission Operation Donna Texas and hope to continue saving dogs from this area. To donate or for more information, please click here.

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