Stray dogs in Russia are learning how to use the subway


There are nearly 35,000 stray dogs that claim Moscow as their home. Among those 35,000 are an elite bunch of 500 that reside amongst the passengers of the confusing subway system below the streets.


Among the 500 that dwell underground, there is a unique group of 50 stray pups that have figured out how the subway system works, using it to their advantage.


This elite group of dogs use the trains to get from the outskirts of the city, to downtown where there is more food readily availabe.


The dogs have learned which stops are which based upon visual and auditory cues, allowing them to successfully navigate through the city.


They spend their nights in the suburbs, and head downtown during the morning communte to make the most out of the daylight.


The dogs actually choose the front and back cars of each subway train because they are typically the least busy.


However, human travellers have become accustomed to the stray dogs and don’t mind them much at all.


The dogs have also become accustomed to all of the passengers on the trains, knowing which passengers are welcoming, and which ones do not want to pay any attention to them.


They even try to persuade children to give them food by placing their heads on the children’s laps and giving them the ‘puppy dog eyes.’


Many of the dogs have a defined routine each day, hanging outside of butcher shops or barking loudly at unsuspecting passengers in hopes that they will get scared and drop their food.


Surprisingly, the dogs are respectful of the subway, going to the bathroom in other areas of the city.


The subways have not always been so welcoming of the stray dogs in Moscow, but over the years, people have come to welcome the dogs in their new home.

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