Stray Falls Asleep On The Shoulder Of The Man Who Just Rescued Him

Anand Raman was visiting his sister at work in Dubai on a very hot day and saw a stray trying to keep cool in the shade under a parked car. The dog came running toward him, and his legs didn’t seem quite right. But the young pup was happy and wagging his tail! Anand couldn’t help but fall in love while petting the good boy.

He carried the pup back to his vehicle where the dog finally felt content and relaxed enough to fall asleep, and he did so right on the man’s shoulder on the way to the vet. He was so exhausted from life on the streets. It was at the hospital that they learned Snowy had rickets in both front legs due to malnutrition. But the treatable condition would have no lasting effects.

Anand was able to take Snowy home, and he gave him a bath. After washing away all of the dirt, a bright white coat was revealed! That along with the dog from “The Adventures of Tintin” is where the name came from. ????

The rescuer wanted nothing more than for the young dog to feel at home, but it was hard at first. The pup had spent most of his life learning to live on the streets, and he wasn’t sure how to act inside of a house. And when he took Snowy on walks, the dog became terrified as if he thought he was going to be left out there again.

But the dog finally came around and realized he was going nowhere! This was his forever home, and he was now able to leave his past behind for good.

“He sleeps and waits for us to get home from work, which is when he showers us with love and we reciprocate the same with him. He also gels amazingly well with any dog he comes across and is very well-behaved with kids and guests,” Anand told The Dodo.

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