Stray Found With Mange Wasn’t Even Recognizable As A Dog From Certain Angles

Animal Aid Unlimited came across a dog who was dying from an extreme case of mange. The poor thing didn’t even look like a dog from certain angles. He was terrified of being touched and ran from people who got too close.

Rescuers had no choice but to capture the dog with a net. It was the only way to save his life. Back at the hospital, he seemed to realize they were helping him and started to learn to trust. He was given IV fluids and meds and put on a mange treatment that would take a month or longer.

He ate some food and felt a lot better after a cooling medicated bath. After lots of love and care, an innocent pup who was found in so much pain is now alive and well thanks to these rescuers. Wait until you see Rockstar today! 🙂

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