Stray Mama With Broken Leg Finds The Strength To Lead Rescuers To Her Puppies

A stray Greyhound was found limping around on a broken leg, and it quickly became apparent that she was fighting to live for more than just herself. It turned out this injured dog was a mother.

Vera was in terrible shape overall. Not only did she have the broken leg, but she was starving and extremely emaciated. A woman named Lianne and her friend and veterinarian Ellen Sobry stumbled upon the dog near a market in Spain and noticed she was lactating. She must’ve had puppies somewhere, but where?

The two took care of Vera’s leg before bringing her back to the same spot in hopes that she would lead them to her babies.

And Vera did just that. The dog started walking, and they followed along. About two miles later, they came to a broken-down car near an abandoned house.

Inside of the car were Vera’s ten little puppies! The dog family was taken back to the vet clinic where they could be checked out and heal together before being put up for adoption when totally healthy.

If not for these two women and one determined and loving mama dog, who knows if these puppies would’ve survived. This just shows the true power of a mother’s unconditional love.

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