Stray Poodle Needed Help But Was Always Too Scared To Seek It

Hope For Paws was alerted of a homeless Poodle by the founders of A.R.T. N’ Paws and set out for a late night rescue. Liraz and Allan followed the dog until she was too tired to move on. The poor girl needed help but was always too scared to ask for it or seek it from anyone.

They decided to name her Hope, and Eldad gently placed the Lucky Leash around her neck. She was so afraid and unsure of everything, he knew he had to spend a few minutes with her to let her know she’s safe. The girl needed a moment to take it all in.

Hope then continued on her way to the hospital for a checkup, and it wasn’t long before A.R.T. N’ Paws found her a wonderful forever home! The dog now has a brand new life to get used to, but it’s the one she’s always deserved. 🙂

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