Stray Pregnant Dog Overwhelmed with Joy Realizing She’s Being Adopted

An emotional moment unfolded when a stray dog, unable to contain her tears, realized the kindness humans can offer.

This pregnant dog was roaming the streets in search of food when she came across a couple enjoying their lunch by the roadside. The pooch had merely hoped for scraps, but instead, she was taken in — a moment of such profound significance that it moved her to tears.

Jack Anderson and his partner initially spotted the pit bull mix when they stopped to buy food from a roadside stall.

“She never took her eyes off us, but she didn’t approach us or beg for food,” Anderson told The Dodo. “The owners of the stall came out and shooed her down the road. It was clear she was frightened, and she receded.”

On their way back home, the couple realized the dog was pregnant. They pulled over and offered her something to eat. Anderson’s partner felt profound empathy for the helpless animal and tried to soothe her while offering food from her hand, hoping to earn the dog’s trust.

Feeling that they could not simply leave her, they decided to take the dog with them. When the pooch realized she was safe and experiencing kindness from strangers, she was so overwhelmed with emotion that she appeared to cry with joy. Anderson captured this heartwarming scene on video.

“We paused for a moment to let Poppy calm down, but actually, she was far more composed than I anticipated,” Anderson said. “I began filming my partner reassuring her, and I noticed that Poppy had tears in her eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a dog, and it definitely left a mark.”

The compassionate couple also took Poppy to the vet. Despite some fleas, her overall condition was pretty good. Anderson and his partner decided to foster Poppy for a few days, intending to find her a suitable home. However, those few days were enough for them to fall utterly in love with Poppy and decide to keep her.

“Poppy is the kind of dog who loves to be loved,” Anderson shared. “Poppy will stay with us. We’re learning more about her all the time and building trust with her. We might be considered massive foster failures, but there are worse things to be in life!”

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