Stray Puppy with Crooked Leg Rescued, Doesn’t Let That Leg Get in Her Way

I rescued Breik when she was a tiny baby. She was running loose in a prominent part of Louisville, Kentucky, when animal control picked her up. The ACOs called me personally since I was a K9 Officer and very familiar with the Belgian Malinois breed.

Breik was a skinny puppy with a crooked leg. I think she got tossed because of her crooked leg. She’s been with me seven years now. She’s a bit crazy, but I love her so much. She does not like men but will tolerate them if she must. She’s very loyal to me and hugs me with her crooked leg. (I wish I had a picture of her hugging me, but it’s usually just her and me when she does it.)

Her leg has never slowed her down, and the vet said it was a genetic thing. We just celebrated her birthday with some time in the baby pool! She does not like the big pool! I post pictures of Breik on Facebook and all of my friends love watching her adventures. She’s a special girl with several personality issues that I just deal with because I love her!

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