Stray Puppy Without A Paw Set To Be Euthanized For Being A Pit Bull

Several puppies were found living in a forest without a mother, and no one knew how they got there. With Henry County Animal Care and Control having a policy of not adopting dogs deemed to be pit bulls, it’s a good thing Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue stepped in.

The puppies were taken to a local Georgia shelter where they were set to be euthanized. Henry County Animal Care and Control will only hold dogs deemed to be pit bulls for three days before putting them down.

Thankfully, animal control called Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue and asked if they wanted to rescue the pups.

Jason Flatt, founder of the rescue, didn’t hesitate to bring them in.

The three puppies–Krissy, Nugget and Sunshine–were immediately put in foster homes. But the question remained: why’s Sunshine only have one front paw?

They weren’t quite sure if it was a birth defect or the result of abuse. But Sunshine kept trying to walk on it.

They wanted to help her out, so they took her to a vet to get fitted for a prosthetic paw. Meanwhile, a flexible leg splint would have to do.

Sunny had no problems adjusting to the leg splint. And they’d make four different sizes of prosthetics, one for each stage of growing.

We may never know what really happened to Sunny’s paw, but she’s happy and healthy in her second chance at life!

A big thanks to everyone who worked to get this girl to where she needed to be.

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