Stray Stuck In Rubble Finds Warmth And Comfort In His Embrace

Unfortunately, the homeless pet epidemic spans the globe. A Pit Bull puppy, later named Willow, was found among rubble in the corner of a building in Saint Lucia. She was terrified and defeated. A woman with a rescue organization thankfully arrived on the scene with food and fresh water in hand.

The puppy ate some chow and was then loaded carefully into the woman’s vehicle. She was rushed to the vet where they discovered she had a shattered pelvis. The vet was unsure if Willow would walk again. After surgery, Willow’s recovery was challenging. She was so afraid of any interaction that she faced a wall and hung her head down.

Amazingly, a few weeks later, Willow was able to take a few steps at a time. Everyone at the clinic cheered for the pup! It was at that time Willow realized that she was surrounded by unconditional love and support. The story continues and is truly spectacular! Especially when she goes to her foster home and gets her happy ever after! We are Team Willow all the way!

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