Stray Weaves Through Traffic To Get To Her But She Has To Leave For Now

Krista, a young woman traveling with friends in Bolivia, had an unexpected encounter with a street dog that would change their lives forever. The dog, now named Chase, began following Krista a week before she had to go back home to Tennessee.

While in Bolivia, Chase followed Krista and her friends on the street. And when they got into their car, he gave ‘chase’ for five blocks, weaving in and out of traffic. Realizing they couldn’t leave him behind, they decided to take him with them on their journey. Chase quickly became a part of their group, and when it was time for them to part ways, Krista knew she couldn’t leave him behind.

Krista found a Bolivian street dog rescue facility that agreed to help her bring Chase to the United States. However, the process of importing a dog from Bolivia is not an easy one. There is a significant amount of paperwork and blood work that needs to be completed and processed. In the meantime, Chase stayed with a foster family in Bolivia while Krista returned to the United States.

After a couple of months, Krista was finally able to reunite with Chase. The emotional reunion was captured on video, showing Chase’s excitement and recognition of Krista. The two were overjoyed to be together again, and they began their journey back to the United States.

Chase proved to be an excellent traveler, staying by Krista’s side throughout the entire trip. They landed in Miami and then drove to Tennessee, where Chase would begin his new life. Along the way, they stopped for a hike and a walk to give Chase a chance to stretch his legs.

Upon arriving in Tennessee, Chase immediately felt at home. He enjoyed running through fields and exploring his new surroundings. Krista plans to take him on many more adventures, grateful for the opportunity to provide him with a loving home and a life free from loneliness.

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