Street Dog Waited In The Same Spot Every Day For Someone To Save Him

During a spay/neuter campaign by Howl Of A Dog in a rural region, the team encountered a welcoming stray dog. Each morning upon their arrival, the dog eagerly approached to greet them, showcasing his friendly demeanor. Faithfully, he awaited in the exact same spot every day, as if hoping for someone to come to his rescue.

Remy made his bed on the sidewalk in front of a grocery store, where a kind lady regularly fed him. However, Howl Of A Dog decided to step in and include him in their neutering campaign. It was clear to the team that this affectionate dog had been left behind by a previous owner, yet, sadly, no one in the vicinity could provide any details about Remy’s past or how he came to be alone.

***UPDATE – Remy has been adopted by a wonderful family in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to the Howl Of A Dog YouTube page!

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