Street Janitor Moved by Crying Dog in Isolated Mountains, Takes Him Home

In the midst of a June work trip in Ganzi Prefecture’s Zheduoshan, a street sweeper and his friend stumbled upon an unexpected sight. After completing their task, the pair drove home, only to notice a small black dot in the distance, moving amidst the barren mountains.

As they approached, they realized the black spot was a drenched black Labrador. The area had recently experienced rainfall, leaving the dog’s coat completely soaked. Spotting the parked car, the dog eagerly ran towards it.

From her position at the open car window, the street sweeper noticed the panting dog place a paw against the window, its eyes filled with anxiety and fear of solitude. Interestingly, the dog was wearing a collar, indicating that it was a pet. But in such a desolate area, seldom visited by people, how did the dog end up there?

Upon opening the car door, the Labrador immediately nuzzled her lap. Its eyes gleamed with a mix of joy and tears as it looked at her pleadingly, whining softly. The sight of the dog’s desperation moved the woman to tears.

Recognizing the dog would struggle to survive alone in the mountains, they decided to bring the pup home. As their work was not yet finished, they temporarily housed the dog where they worked. They soon found out that this male Labrador was incredibly intelligent, able to follow basic commands such as sit and shake hands. The dog appeared to have received training.

Ever since the woman took him in, the dog has remained loyally by her side. Whenever she was at work, the dog would stick close, perhaps fearing another abandonment.

Once her work was completed, the woman brought the dog to a veterinarian for a health check and neutering. And, to complete this heartwarming story, the street sweeper adopted the dog.

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