Strongest Woman In the World Stays Behind To Care For Injured and Orphaned Animals In Ukraine

Anna Kurkurina, the strongest woman in the world with multiple powerlifting champion titles, is showing her strength in a different way as her beloved country is under attack.

The Ukrainian athlete and trainer chose to stay behind and care for injured and abandoned dogs and cats roaming the war-torn streets.

It was an easy decision for her.

She told UAnimals, a nonprofit organization, “Many ask why I didn’t go? War is a litmus paper that shows whether you are human or not. A man is the one who has a soul. For me, my soul is my country, my city Mykolaiv, thousands of animals that live in the city. These animals were abandoned by humans or their owners were killed during the war. I might as well move out. But how to be with my soul?”

One of the poor dogs rescued from the dangerous streets was Julia. The sweet girl has burns on her back and barely escaped her burning home that was destroyed by Russian forces. She is on the road to recovery and will want for nothing in Anna’s care.

One person commented, “Julia as the soul of Ukraine is a naked wound, but alive and not broken 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦”.

Anna has always loved animals. Prior to becoming a powerlifter and trainer she worked at the Nikolaev Zoo where she fed and cared for the animals.

So, it was second nature to her to help feed and care for abandoned animals when the war began in Ukraine. She shares stories about other brave souls who are feeding the countless homeless pets in Ukraine. She also uses social media to help injured pets find clinics, new homes or safe passage out of the war zone.

There are so many pets who need help. She wrote, “Yes… it’s very hard for us as well as the number of animals that has been left by people is growing exponentially, but our desire to make the world better and kinder is also growing. All animals must be fed as only when we unite -WE BECOME A FORCE. Animals deserve to live like humans and actually they don’t kill their own kind.”

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