You And This Stubborn Dog Have More In Common Than You Think…Check It Out!

Look…as people, we definitely know that mornings can be rough. You’re snuggled in a warm bed, you don’t have real pants on…life is good. It’s tempting to ignore your alarm clock (and your three snoozes), chuck your email-beeping phone across the room and just indulge in a day-long nap. But that’s rarely an option.

So we can all probably relate to the adorably stubborn dog you’re about to meet. He feels your pain…he knows how hard it is to remove yourself from a comfy spot. He gets it.

In the video below, we watch as his owner tries getting him out of what looks like a very comfortable bed – something any human would probably curl up on too! Don’t be surprised if his stretches and whines hit close to home…if this pup could speak English, we’re pretty sure he’d be whining something along the lines of “BUT I DON’T WAAAAAANA!” the entire time.

Sounds familiar, right?


The wake up struggle is real. So…so real. Whether it’s Monday morning or the end of an afternoon nap, are there really people (or dogs!) who excitedly jump out of bed? We doubt it…

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