Stuck Animals Wondering What Life Choice Led To This Predicament

Ever end up in a strange predicament and wonder what life choice led you to this point? That’s exactly where these 23 animals are in life right about now! They’re stuck, and there’s no easy way out. 😉

“Don’t ask how. I am plant now”

Not the way I envisioned things going… 😛

“I guess I’ll stay stuck in this drain from now on”

I didn’t expect this to happen!

Stuck in a happy place.

“My parents got a new pup. The old one accepted his new life as a chair”

“I guess I’m a towel now.”

Why me…

It’s a trap!

I made the wrong choice somewhere along the line…

What did I sign up for?

“Tis me life meow” 😉

“College life”

Someone please send help.

It was too good to be true.

“What goes in doesn’t always come out”

Where did it all go wrong?

“This is my life now”

Someone help.

“This is fine.”

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