Stunning Fairytale Turnaround For Dog Who’d Been Thrown Away Three Times

Lady, a mild mannered and loving senior black Lab, has maintained her affectionate spirit through a long life of heartbreak. Lady has been abandoned three times, each time more devastating than the last for this loyal dog who’d experienced more than her share of separation and trauma.

Lady’s loyal heart even led her to escape a Kansas shelter and walk 30 miles to get back to the family who had abandoned her. When Lady excitedly arrived at her old home after a long and exhausting journey, her old family welcomed her by immediately driving her back to the Kansas shelter. With this new devastation fresh in Lady’s heart and with her graying fur and aging eyes, it seemed this beautiful, senior dog would spend her golden years alone within the wire walls of her shelter pen.

That’s when a fairy godmother swept in and changed her life of loneliness, neglect, and struggle into a forever home beyond Lady’s wildest dreams. Helen Rich, multi-millionaire descendant in the Wrigley Chewing Gum line, heard about Lady and sent her husband Chett to bring Lady “home” now! He headed to Kansas in a private jet and brought Lady to the home she deserved at the family’s Odessa mansion and farm. He said Lady’s reaction as she “jumped up in the seat and saw her new home out the window of the jet,” was the “most touching part” of the trip for him.

Lady shares her new 15,000 square foot home and 130 acre property with several other dog friends and hundreds of rescued farm animals. Lady and Helen are inseparable, and they can often be seen riding around the property together in a golf cart, exploring the countryside and checking on Lady’s other animal friends.

After a life of heartbreak and traumatic rejection, Lady’s true and devoted heart has finally found the loyal and playful new family of her dreams in the rescue dog pack Helen has brought together. Not only does Lady get to live and play in a mansion, but more importantly, she finally has the forever humans she’s always deserved in the devoted Helen and Chett.

Check out Lady’s amazing new home in this video!

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