Surrendered dog shakes in fear – too scared to walk

A dog, surrendered to an animal shelter in South Carolina, is so terrified that he shakes in fear and is unable to walk. The heartbreaking situation was brought to light on the Friends of Fairfield County SC Animal Shelter Facebook page – according to the posting, the dog lost his family because he “kept getting into the trash.”

The surrendered dog’s extraordinary fear

The dog’s tremendous fear is explained:

I thought he was picked up as a stray.
That explains why he is scared out of his mind….almost like a feral dog would be….but not once did he growl, or try to bite. He wanted to hide under the raised bed or run away when we got outside. He kept trying to chew the leash and would not look at us he had to be carried out and carried back in….and he just stands in that corner facing the wall. 

A video reveals his fear

A video taken at the animal shelter reveals this dog’s enormous fear – he literally is trying to escape his sad reality.

Helping this sad dog

This young dog (two years of age) needs to leave the shelter and join a patient and loving family. He needs to feel safe and loved. You can help make this possible by sharing this article, with his adoption information.

Entry Date 11/28/18
Surrender- because he was tearing up the trash
ID# 18820D
2 yrs old


Shelter physical address: 1678 US HWY 321 BUSINESS N, WINNSBORO SC 29180

Shelter mailing address: P.O. BOX 60, WINNSBORO SC 29180

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