Surrendered dog’s utter terror will break your heart

Update – Mamas has been rescued!

A surrendered dog, named “Mamas” will quite literally break your heart with the utter terror she shows in a video taken at the animal shelter where she was recently turned in. The young Dogue de Bordeaux is literally shaking in fear…her eyes are sad and reveal her confusion.

On May 6, the Save SBC Shelter Pups Facebook page provided information about the frightened dog:

Mamas owners said they rescued her from a house that was being raided by police 2 years ago. Honestly, I think giving her up today was the kindest thing they ever did…Mamas is skinny, lived outside, has calluses, they overbred her, she shakes in fear, ran away on regular basis, never walked on leash and had to be carried into shelter. Mamas loves touch, pets and rubs!

Mamas needs to feel safe, loved and secure – moreover she deserves to receive unconditional love. Please help her find her special person by sharing her adoption information.

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