Sweet Girl Surrendered For Being ‘Too Big’ Tucks Herself Into Bed At The Shelter

The more time dogs spend with humans, the more they start to catch onto human habits. Dogs provide so much for our society. They are involved in many different tasks, including helping in the military, assisting police and even helping handicapped individuals. They are always there to be a best friend when you need one. Dogs consume all sorts of different types of food, including vegetables and grains, as well as meat. They are a halfway to being human.

Lupine is so smart, she picked up a nice little habit and she uses it every night before she goes to sleep. She tucks herself in at bedtime without anyone’s help. She is determined to get under her pink fluffy blanket and knows how to get things done.

She is a very friendly shelter dog and has perfectly blended in this family. Just watching this habit of hers makes your heart melt. How could anyone resist the puppy dog face she makes?

All dogs love a good place to nap and they should have a cozy place to sleep. Lupine here is a princess in pink under her blanket, which perfectly matches her fur. No, put the camera away, I she needs to get her beauty sleep.

Check out more on Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AAWLeague.

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