Sweet Siberian Husky Makes Baby Laugh

Dogs make the best furry siblings a baby could ask for. Just look at how Dozer the Siberian Husky interacts with her 5-month-old little human. According to Dozer’s family, the registered therapy dog doesn’t bark, she talks. They write:

“Our Siberian husky doesn’t bark, she talks. So when our 5 month old son started hearing her do this, he thought it was hysterical and so did we.”

Mom asks Dozer to “speak” and when she does, the baby is delighted and lets out a whole bunch of giggles.

Not only does the sweet dog make the baby laugh she also gives him a gentle kiss. And when mom tells Dozer she lovers her Dozer lets out another gentle bark, as if saying “aww shucks” and bashfully walks away.

Watch the adorable moment below.

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