Taiwan Coffee Shop Creates Incredibly Realistic Latte Pup Portraits

Latte art is all the rage in coffee shops around the world, but you’ve never seen anything like the extraordinary portraits-in-foam created by the baristas at My Cofi café in Taiwan.

Many shops have invested in gadgets that allow them to turn your photos into intricate latte images, but the artists at My Cofi don’t need a machine to design their masterpieces. All of their three-dimensional portraits are created entirely by hand!

Local patrons of My Cofi describe it as a quaint neighborhood coffee shop conveniently located close to public transport. They serve a limited menu of breakfast options and sandwiches, but the real draw is their magnificent latte designs!

Recently, the baristas showed off their skills with an exhibit featuring realistic 3-D pet portraits.

Although most of the images submitted were of dogs, they also immortalized a few other species in foam – like this grumpy cat…

This gorgeous Macaw…

And this distinguished-looking Bunny!

But the pup portraits are where these talented artisans truly shined! For example, this incredibly detailed Shiba Inu…

This dapper Miniature Schnauzer…

This sweet old Pug…

This oh-so floofy Chow Chow…

And this trio of Maltese cuties!

The crafty artisan behind this portrait even included this pupper’s jaunty blue bandana!

Before you book your flight to Taiwan to wrap your hands around your own customized mug of doggy delight, the café only offers pet portraits on special occasions due to the volume of their business.

However, they do offer a variety of animal images, popular cartoon characters, anime creations, and horror-themed foam art.

One of My Cofi’s most popular requests? Creepy crawly cockroach-themed lattes!

Check out all of My Cofi’s exquisite coffee designs on their Facebook page!

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