Taiwan Introduces The World To Their Newest K-9 Recruits! These Pups Are Too Cute For Words!

Taiwan has officially announced the six newest members of their K-9 Unit. The puppies are about a month old and their names are Fushin (Lucky Star), Schumann, Feida, Yige (Brother), AJ, and Liang (Full Moon). All six are from the same litter and plan on following in their mother’s footsteps. Their mother is one of the twenty-two adult pups working in the Taiwan’s K-9 Unit and like their mother these six cuties will be trained in all different sorts of police activates such as detecting bombs and sniffing out drugs.

All six siblings will be trained in Taipei where the NPA’s K-9 unit is based out of… that is, as soon as they can keep their eyes open! The pups will be trained together and with the officers. And while all six siblings will be trained to detection dogs, only one will be trained to sniff out blood. According to BuzzFeed, Fushin (aka Lucky Star), the solo yellow lab of his litter, will be the only one trained for blood detection because of his personality.

The pups have a lot of work cut out for them, but despite their sleepy dispositions, they are ready for the job. As they wait for the pups to grow older, according to BuzzFeed, officers in the K-9 Unit have begun getting the siblings used to the scent of narcotics. But other than that, the pups are preparing for their entry into a life filled with police work by posing on cop cars and in K-9 Unit vests! Now that’s my kind of preparation!

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