Taiwan Sets The Trend: Stylish Haircuts for Your Dog – Round or Square?

There’s a new trend among pet owners in Taiwan and it’s about to go viral. The Taiwanese pet groomers are taking pet grooming to a whole new level. They invented a new trend of giving dogs perfectly square or round haircuts to highlight their adorable faces and their individuality. It looks just as hilarious as it sounds.

We couldn’t help but notice that these “trendy” haircuts can transform your dog’s face so that it looks like a completely new breed of dog. See how a pair of scissors can turn your cute puppy into a geometric masterpiece. While the groomers insist that the dog is not harmed by the unusual cut, some concerned dog lovers are questioning the trend. Can it actually be psychologically harmful to do this to your best friend?

Today there are many dog-only salons where you can take your favorite four-legged friend for a fresh new look. And who knows, maybe this Taiwanese trend will take over the world, and the request ““I’d like a perfectly square or round haircut, please!” won’t sound weird at all.

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