Take Your Dog To Work Day Tips Straight From The Experts

As you gear up for June 26th, the annual “Take Your Dog To Work Day” you may be wondering about how to do it so everyone has fun and is safe. With a DAILY pet to employee ration of 1:2 (400 employees and over 200 pets) Trupanion Pet Insurance headquarters in Seattle, Washington, is the epitome of a dog-friendly work space.

So how do they do it without having incidents? Here are their tips to bring your dogs to work on June 26th, or any day. Trupanion believes pets at work create a better space, “employees feel more inspired, more creative, and more comfortable.”

For more information about their dog-friendly work environment, including the benefits and why your company should consider going “pro-pet,” visit their website.

1 – Approval

If you rent your office space, make sure your landlord is okay with you having dogs there – even if it is just for one day.


2 – Confinement

One of the first things Trupanion says to consider is how pets will be safely secured in the office. Things like baby gates for cubicles, tethers, and crates can ensure no pet wanders and gets lost or even out of the building by accident.


3 – Avoid Falls

Dr. Kerri Marshall, Trupanion’s Chief Veterinary Office, has personally treated many fractures, concussions and other injuries from pets inadvertently falling off counters, chair, couches, etc. Be sure employees are not leaving small dogs unattended on their desks or on a chair to avoid injury.


4 – Health

Make sure all the dogs coming to the office are vaccinated, so they don’t spread disease. They should be current on DDHP, Rabies, and Bordetella, and be on a flea preventative. Tell employees that if their dog is sick, they need to stay home.


5 – Friendly

All dogs attending the workplace should be friendly to other people and dogs. Even if you don’t plan for the dogs to meet, if the unexpected happens and dogs get loose, you don’t want to have to worry about a fight.


6 – Clean-Ups

For the easy of everyone, Trupanion recommends only allowing house-trained pets to come to the office. Even then, accidents happen. They find having a Spot Bot around works well to clean-up any mess.


7 – Pet Rules & Etiquette

This is to make sure the day goes smoothly and that everyone (even those without pets) has fun and wants to do it again next year…or even next week! Trupanion has templates for everything you may need to have a great Take Your Pet To Work Day.


8 – Have a Pre-Meeting

Make sure everyone knows the rules of the day by having a meeting before the dogs are invited in for a day. A meeting will also allow anyone to ask questions about the policies or make suggestions if something was forgotten.


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