This Talented Police Dog Surprised His Officers With A New Trick And What He Did Blew Their Minds

It’s pretty amazing to see dogs and humans working together. It happens a lot in the military, with service animals, and, of course, within the police force. The amount of training and dedication shown by these animals rivals their human counterparts, and it’s inspiring how much they are capable of.

In this video, we see a group of police officers and their K-9 unit buddy hanging out one day. Then comes the amazing part…the German Shepherd runs to the police car, opens the door with his nose, and then, once safely in the back seat, pulls the door close!

The officers erupt into proud laughter. It’s clear that this talented pup is truly considered part of their team, not ‘just a dog’.

Watch the short video below to watch the whole scene unfold!

Talk about a cute co-worker – and talented, too! A big thank you to all the officers (those on two legs and on four) who help keep our communities safe!

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