‘Talking’ Dog Startles Woman When He Jumps On Her At The Park Without His Owner In Sight

If you’ve never seen the animated movie Up, you’re severely missing out.

Although it’s a cartoon, don’t let that fool you, it is a movie for the ages.

The movie surrounds the life of an elderly man, who just lost his lifelong best friend, his wife.

They showcase his emotional rollercoaster and give him a few sidekicks in his new adventures, one being a dog named Dug.

Dug has a collar that allows him to ‘talk’ in the movie, his comments are usually the comical parts within the moments that make you want to cry, and now Disney has decided to make Dug become real.

In this video, Dug runs around the park, in real life. And when people talk to him as they greet each other, he actually responds.

He has the type of personality that anyone would love, and I think that he makes everyone’s dream come true when they first realize he can communicate with them.

Doesn’t everyone want to be able to know what their pet is thinking? I definitely do.

It would be amazing to have your pet best friend, and companion, be able to talk to you about your day.

Or even be able to tell you what’s wrong with them when they’re feeling down. I always hate when my pup is sick and we can’t figure out what would help her best.

I guess we all should hope to be Dr. Doolittle’s, or just find a dog with a collar like Dug.


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